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database: operational
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message-queue: operational

Maintenance downtime on August, 8th

21 days ago web

hosted-solr.com will undergo maintenance on August 8th, 2018 starting 15.00 CEST for about an hour. Your Solr cores will not be affected, but the website will be offline and you will not be able to create new cores.

Update: We finished all updates without complications.


Maintenance downtime on March, 14th

5 months ago

*** UPDATE **

We have postponed our plans for a week: We will have a short downtime for all Solr 6 cores on March, 21st between 14 and 15 CET.

Earlier reports contained: March, 14th between 13 and 14 CET.


Maintenance downtime on February 8th

6 months ago solr

We will have a short downtime for all Solr 6 cores on February, 8th between 7 and 8 CET. All Solr 6 cores will be offline and you will not be able to create new Solr 6 cores.


Security Vulnerabilities in Intel Processors

7 months ago

Recently, several vulnerabilities have been discovered in processors that are built into our servers.

These vulnerabilities make it possible to access sensitive data if necessary. According to current knowledge, Intel processors seem to be particularly affected by the weak point. However, an all-clear signal for processors from other manufacturers cannot be given at this time.

We already work closely with our server partners to provide the necessary updates as quickly as possible.

As soon as these are available or new information about affected systems is available, we will inform you of the new information.

In addition, updates of the operating systems are also necessary.

We ask you to pass this information on to colleagues and, if necessary, to your customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Scheduled maintenance on November, 1st.

10 months ago

Hosted Solr will undergo scheduled maintenance on November, 1st. between 8.00am and 9.00am. Interruption of services are to be expected.


Maintenance: Implementing security patches

almost 2 years ago solr

We are going to reboot on of of our Solr-nodes (node-2.hosted.solr.com) to implement security patches.
This will take approximately 10 minutes and will be scheduled on the 15th of november between 8:00AM - 8:30AM CET.


Upcoming downtime

almost 2 years ago solr

Our hosting-center is upgrading several network-components between 27th October 2016 23:00 hours (CEST) and 28th October 2016 05:00 hours (CEST).
During the changeover, Solr-Cores located on 97a04a.hosted-solr.com will not be available for a maximum of 5 minutes.


Upcoming downtime

over 2 years ago

Hosted Solr will be offline on Monday February, 15th 2016 from 9.00h CET until 12.00h CET. During this time customers will be unable to create new Solr Cores.

All existing Solr Cores should operate as usual.


Website down

almost 3 years ago web

We are currently experiencing time-outs during page loading. It is not possible to log into www.hosted-solr.com. The Solr-Indices are not affected by this outage.

UPDATE 15.10 16:00: The system seems to be stable again.

UPDATE 16.10 9:00: The problem is still ongoing. Our monkeys are looking into it.

UPDATE 20.10 11:00: The system seems to be stable again.


Queue is not processing messages

almost 4 years ago message-queue

We are currently having problems with our message queue which is not processing messages.
Due to this fact you can't create new Solr indexes.

We'll keep you updated regarding this issue.

UPDATE: The message queue cluster faced a network partition. We had to restart the cluster manually to recover from the failure. Thank you for your patience!


Maintenance: HDD will be replaced

over 4 years ago solr

On November 21st at 10am, we will replace a HDD in one of our Solr servers.

This might cause temporary connection problems.


Solr indexes not working properly

over 5 years ago solr

We are currently facing problems with our Solr indexes.

We'll keep you updated on this page.

UPDATE: The problems are fixed, everything is back to normal operation.